The Troll RTA—Best Wotofo’s Product Ever?


The Troll RTA had very good reviews

Vape manufacturers have a challenging mission in 2017: coming up with something original that beats the awesome vape products we enjoyed last year. Wotofo kicked this year off by taking the challenge of launching the Troll RTA; a rebuildable tank atomizer with an unique one post design that is getting all the attention from the vape community.


The creators of  well-known and reputable vape products such as the the Troll RDA v2  and Serpent Mini RTA outdid themselves this time with a rebuildable tank that has a very particular deck, holding up to 5 ml despite its stubby size. This beast seems to be working well so far, as the Troll RTA is getting nothing but good reviews.

Most popular reviewers on Youtube highlighted the stunning flavor this compact RTA is able to produce. According to many of them, “the flavor is about drippers quality.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 7.11.48 PMThe excellent flavor is possibly the main reason to purchase this RTA, but we cannot leave behind the big clouds as the vapor production is another strength of this RTA.

Wotofo located the deck section a few millimetres above the base. Although this GTA approach was previously taken by Digiflavor with the Fuji tank, it really works well in the Troll RTA.

Nonetheless, the deck section is what makes this RTA very unique and attractive as the trend amongst most manufacturers is going for a velocity style deck. The Troll’s RTA deck is a one-post deck for dual coils. Building on this deck is as easy as it can get. As you might expect from a velocity style deck, the Troll RTA comes with 4 hex screws to tighten your coils.

Wicking the Troll RTA is extremely easy thanks to the 4 holes that drain the liquid flawlessly. The bottom airflow is a little bit restrictive but this is possibly what makes the flavor so outstanding.


Wotofo The Troll RTA Parameters

Diameter: 24mm
Height: 41mm
Capacity: 5ml
Thread: 510
Material: Pyrex Glass + Stainless Steel

Peek insulator made in Germany


All in all, the Wotofo Troll is a a great RTA that has all the ingredients to become a vape hit: compact size, huge e-liquid capacity, easy wicking, great flavor and good vapor production. A must-have in 2017 for vape lovers and Wotofo fans! 15% off at with code AHG15.



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