Vaffle sends 3000 sets vape in 3rd Anniversary!


Believe it or not but everyone’s favourite Vaping App is 3 years old. VAFFLE celebrate this anniversary event with all people, provides 3000+ vape gifts (Total valued $100,000) to reward the yearly contributors and all vapers for Vaffle.

Vaffle sends 3000 sets vape in 3rd Anniversary

The 3rd Anniversary of Vaffle is by far the biggest event vaffle have ever organized. Click the link to download Dont forget to enter the invite code: 163599501 For A Free Chance to win Vape Devices! For those of you that havent heard of Vaffle, it is a fast growing community app for vapers all around the world.

Vaffle was born in 2017, the yearly anniversary in November. Vaffle 3rd-anniversary event starts from 2020.11.02-2020.11.30 UTC time. Special event games with gifts, new mascot emoji, celebrate with vape influencers together! 4 games inside the anniversary event and 3 games start from the beginning, my Vaffle Factory game start from 11.11-11.30. Every game has gifts for players!

Game 1. Your Vaffle Memory Memories are treasures. That’s why Vaffle has captured all the sweet moments and kept them for you. Flash back to your early days on Vaffle. This game is only available to Vaffle login users.

Game 2. Crazy Vape Catcher (Specially recommended to play) Login Vaffle and you have 3 game chances every day, swipe right or left to catch falling vape and dodge bomb. If you caught the flashing vape that can redeem the real vape. Normally get the highest score will win the one-year vape stuff accessories (valued $1000). The game chance is not enough? You can go to the task list to win more chances!

Top 1: Vape stuff for 1 year, all kinds of vape accessories

Top 2-50: each player will get 100 points

Top 51-100: each player will get 50 points

By the time the game closes and the ranking list no longer updates, every player of Top1-100 whose ranking number ends with 3 will get a free device, such as ranking 3, 13, 23, 33, 43, 53, 63, 73, 83 and 93.

Special Prize: if you caught a flashing special vape during the game, a free device will be awarded.

Game 3. Unlock Free Vape (1000% win vape games) You need to unlock 25 photos to get the vape device. Share the game with your friends and ask them for help. Each new user can help you unlock one photo.

After you unlock all photos, please refresh the page and add your address, so that your prize will be delivered successfully.

Each time your friends help you unlock one photo, please refresh the page to check how many photos are still to be unlocked.

Game 4. My Vape Factory

Build your own factory to produce vape include cotton, coil, e-liquid, battery, and mod. After produced all accessories you will get a chance to redeem a real vape kits for yourself! 600 vape devices waiting for redeeming!

The Vaffle team set out to build a place where vaper can talk about vape and share their experience while not afraid of being punished Or even shadow-banned by the platform, like Facebook or youtube etc, and three years on it has grown to be the go to place for vapors to hang out online.

Vaffle is more than just a to place hangout.

1.Vapers can share their thoughts, pics, posts, even videos on Vaffle. Find out how to vape like a pro from our tutorial.

2. Stores and brands can create their own private domain traffic at vaffle and use the “nearby” feature to find nearby customers.

3.Write Your Own reviews For Top Trending Products From Different Brands. Answer Vaping questions to help others to vape better, You are the Vape Expert.

4.Use Smart Vape Kits to help you vape: We have tools and kits to help you check your battery status, DIY E-liquid, etc

5.Interact in Vaffle, and you can earn Vaffle Points automatically, you could use these points later to exchange free Vape devices or Gifts like tshirts, caps etc

6.We organize Contests every week so that every vaper in vaffle can enjoy themselves and win vape prodcuts form time to time. Keep an eye on the Top Banner on HomePage.

Click the link to download Dont forget to enter the invite code: 163599501 For A Free Chance to win Vape Devices!



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