How to Build Your Own Vape Coils


Building coils can help vapers save money because it is far cheaper than buying prebuilt coil heads. It’s also a fun hobby that vapers not only take pride in, but get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, it is slightly tricky for beginners. Fancy building your own vape coils but do not even know where to begin? That’s okay. Here I will try to give you something you need to know to build a simple coil for your RDA. For beginners’ sake, I will only list an example of 1.2 ohms single micro coil that I have used for a long time as it is very easy to build from scratch.

Materials you need to build a coil.

  1. An ohms reader
  2. Resistance wire: Kanthal or Nichrome (Different wire sizes will be available to you when you decide to build your own coils. You will have the choice of 22g, 24g, 26g, 28g, 30g, 32g and 34g wire. The “g” stands for gauge. All these wires are available in Kanthal and other wire types suitable for vaping but for this article I will only use 28g Kanthal.)
  3. Coil wrapping calculator (By adjusting the variables like wire size (28g), coil type (single), target resistance(1.2ohms), inner coil diameter (2mm) and leg length (4mm), this calculator will tell you how many wraps you need. Our 1.2ohms single coil will need 8 full wraps.)
  4. Small 2mm screwdriver
  5. Additional small screwdriver that fits your RDA’s screws.
  6. Tweezers (preferably ceramic tipped to pinch your coils while pulsing)
  7. Small wire cutters or nail clippers
  8. Scissors to trim your cotton
  9. Organic cotton
  10. E-juice

Wrap your coil.

imageproxyNow that you have all the supplies you need, it’s time to wrap you coil. This part you will need the small 2mm screwdriver and resistance wire. You should put your wire on the screwdriver close to its handle and hold one end firmly with your thumb. And then start wrapping your wire around the screwdriver until you reach the target of 8wraps. Try your best to keep the wraps as close to one another as possible without any overlapping. Once you have made your 8 wraps, both leads of your coil should face the same direction.

Install your coil.

Next you should take the build deck of your RDA and loosen the post screws. You should put one lead of your coil in the positive post hole and the other in the negative post. After that, you can tighten your post screws. But not over tighten or the wire inside the post might be cut. Once you coil is mounted, trim the leads as close to the posts as possible.

Test your coil for shorts.

Now that you have made sure your coil is installed properly, it is time to test your coil for shorts. You need to take your RDA and screw it on the ohms reader and turn it on to make sure the new coil does not have a short. The resistance your ohms reader displays should be close to your target resistance of 1.2ohms. If not, check your RDA’s post screw to make sure they are tight or check your atomizer to make sure it is screwed completely into the ohms reader.

Test firing your coil.

If your coil has no shorts, you can move on to the next stop: put your RDA back on your mod. After that, you can briefly fire you mod until the coil begins to glow. When your coil begins to glow, gently squeeze your coil together with your tweezers. Repeat this process several times until your coil glows evenly from the center to the outer.

Wick your coil.

e956ef8b-e592-43bf-a77f-982d683fddf3_zps3936099fYou need a piece of organic cotton to fit inside your coil, leaving about half an inch on either side. It helps to wet and twist the end of your wick. If it doesn’t go through easily, it means you have used too much cotton for your wick. On the other hand if your wick is sliding loosely inside the coil, it means there is not enough cotton. Once your wick is threaded through the coil, take the wick sticking out of each side and trim them.

Vape and enjoy!

Building and vaping go hand in hand, as it has become a major element of vape culture. Now that you have have built a 1.2ohms single coil for your RDA, saturate your wicks with your favorite e-juice, replace your RDA’s cap, vape and enjoy!



Ryan is a vaper, editor and content creator who spends most of his time bringing the interesting, entertaining, original and well-written articles to vapers. He believes that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience of life.