Vape Culture: “Not for me” …. Really?!


Let me guess, you were curious about vaping and went online to check it out. What did you see? A bunch of guys on Instagram and Youtube blowing huge clouds and doing sick tricks. All of a sudden you thought: It’s sick but definitely not for me! Well, think again because vaping is actually for everybody, regardless of your age, status and profession

c8dcIt is true that vaping is part of a subculture on the internet where all types of urban tribes (from tough guys with tattoos to nerds who enjoy reading comics and playing video games at their 30s) perform all kinds of vape tricks and sick builds to the rest of the world with hashtags, such as #porncoil and #vapetricks. However, vaping is much more than that. Vaping is also about saving your life! You don’t need to know much about all those difficult terms or components you may have seen on the internet to start out with.


John is a close family friend and he was a smoker for over 40 years. He had been struggling to quit smoking and suffered from health issues for decades. One year ago, I bought him an e-cigarette starter kit, which he loved it. He decreased the number of cigs he was smoking everyday and now he is totally rid of regular cigarettes. He has loved vaping ever and doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon!

-What is Vape Culture?

  Vape culture is very similar to other popular cultures arising from shared interests. Car shows, comic-cons, sports fantasy leagues and art shows are all similar gatherings of people with shared interests, and each develops its own jargon and traditions. There are many groups, forums and blogs talking about variety of topics on e-cigarettes. Like, quitting process, vaping tricks and High-end vaping gear builds.

1.People who wants to quit smoking

For these folk, they may not be very interested in the complex hand-crafted atomizers. That’s totally ok, there are a variety of starter kits available from either local shops or online websites.


For example, E-Leaf Ijust S is a very popular starter kit among people who wants to quit smoking. You can just simply fill it up with e-liquid and all ready to go (FYI: Battery needs to be charged).

2. People who wants to be a pro vaper.


In order to understand vape culture, it helps to understand vapes—how they work, the different small and combustible parts they’re composed of, what you have to put in them to make them taste and blow smoke the way you want. Some vocabularies and abbreviations you need to know: coils, wicks, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, DNA20, DNA30, 510s, mechanical mods, box mods, RBAs, RDAs, Sub-ohms. There are thousands of “juice” flavors, made up of propylene glycol (“PG”) and vegetable glycerin (“VG”), and different ways to vaporize them (you can “drip” or use a “tank”). The main idea about vaping is what aspect are you actually interested in? Cloud Chasing? Vaping tricks? Building? There really is something for everyone!

-Where to start? And where you can develop your vape knowledge further?

First, don’t be afraid to use e-cigarettes! Tons of studies have proven e-cigarettes are much healthier than regular cigarettes. Regardless of your purposes of using e-cigs, there are always right products and community ready for you. One thing was clear: The vast majority of people start vaping to quit smoking. But later on, Vaping became cool and fashionable. It developed its own vaping culture, and games, competitions, vaping tricks and YouTube videos were created around it.

Local Vape Lounge and online vape groups or forums are great places to socialize, you can talk about your quitting experiences, your builds, your vaping tricks and practice methods, even other aspects of your life. You’ll realize pro vapers can talk endlessly about their favorite juice flavors and mods setup, just as gear heads or Harry Potter fans can talk forever about their chosen hobby. Many blogs offer e-cigarette beginner tips and instructions. And, there are extensive and involved conversations on online forums about wicks, atomizers, cartomizers, coils, mods and flavors.



Ryan is a vaper, editor and content creator who spends most of his time bringing the interesting, entertaining, original and well-written articles to vapers. He believes that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience of life.