Which kind of vape wire can I use for temperature control?

Which kind of wire can I_use for temperature control

I’m sure you have come across TC (Temperature Control) and wondered how it works, and what wire or coils can I use on a TC mod? And what are the benefits?

In the search for vaping perfection, Vape Manufactures are constantly looking for ways to improve the overall vaping experience; one of the big breakthroughs was with the introduction of temperature control. Optimizing your experience by tailor programming to coil types and resistances, making your coils last longer and vape to their full potential.

What does temperature control do?

Ever had a dry hit? Ever been using your tanks or RDAs, and the last little bit of juice has been used. And the cotton drys out and you start getting the burn taste coming through, or in extreme cases the cotton will catch light.

Which kind of vape wire can I use for temperature control?

One feature of temperature control, is that the chipset in your mod can detect when your coil is getting too hot (due to the absence of liquid) and it will cut off the power to prevent you from burning your cotton.

TC sets acts as an autopilot while you vape, using its programming of a coil types boundary temperatures to adjust your wattage as you vape. So your coils won’t overheat and try to kill you!

What wire can I use with temperature control?

There are only certain types of wire that can work with a TC mod.

Which kind of vape wire can I use for temperature control?
TC mod

In order to regulate wattage in accordance with each coil’s limits, your mod’s chipset will read minute changes in the resistance for each TC compatible wire type and use this information to predict future changes.

Wiretypes such as SS (Stainless Steel), Ti (Titanium) and Ni (Nikel) each have what is known as a workable Temperature Coefficient of Resistance or TCR! This is measured in units of resistance increase per temperature unit. Each one of these wiretypes will increase resistance with heat and decrease again once cooled.

The chip set in your mod uses this information and predictability by reading those resistance changes and then using the values to determine future changes and set the TC accordingly.

What does temperature control do?

TC will allow you to vape safely with the boundaries of each coil that you install, These limits are set by adjusting the Max Temp that you want the coil to run at, and it wont exceed this setting, and based on the fact that you juice flow, helps keep the coil cool, these preset limits will prevent any type of dry hit.

Stainless Steel

Unlike other wires SS can be operated just fine in power mode because of its extreme durability under heat. SS wires require massive temps before the metal begins to oxidise, making them safer for you to inhale on.

Which kind of vape wire can I use for temperature control?
stainless steel

Plus SS has the highest resistivity of the three TC wires, meaning that it can be used for more complex builds, with taking the resistance down to low for your mod to coupe with. So if you are into building fancy coils, then SS will be for you. Plus it doesn’t really matter if you accidentally run your mod in VW or power mod, it won’t pop your coil.


Nickel-ni200, is by far the most popular wire type to play with in TCM. it is very cheap, and a lot more accurate than SS in TC mode.

Which kind of vape wire can I use for temperature control?
Nickle ni200 wire

When it comes to building you own coils, I personally would stay clear of Nikel…the resistance is just too low. And I find the wire is just so soft to work with. Plus the fact that Nickel makes some seriously TOXIC oxides in the upper temp levels, So can only be vaped in TC mode. I must admit, when set up correctly in TC it works an absolute treat.


Which kind of vape wire can_I_use for temperature control

With about half the TCR of Ni and a lot higher TCR than SS, Ti is a good middle ground. Ti also has a low enough resistivity to allow you to get a bit more creative building your coils, The only think with Ti is that you have to have the strength of a Superhero as it’s a hard wire to bend. And also Unfortunately, price makes it inaccessible to most of us.

Final Thoughts

As with most things relating to coils and vaping, a lot of it is down to the end user, as to what they prefer, and hopefully this article has given you a little insight into the types of wire you can use with temperature control mods.

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