Vapers With Reduced Mobility Will Have No Longer Access to Vape Products in Spain

The Spanish government to ban long distance sales of vaping products affecting many users


The Spanish government are planning to ban long distance sales of vaping products. If the law draft comes to fruition, many vapers in Spain will no longer have access to online vape purchases.

This law is causing huge controversy as many vapers buy their products online. This is a major problem for vapers with reduced mobility as purchasing online is often the only way to access vape supplies. “I have a degenerative disease that forces me to use crutches. I quit smoking after 17 years thanks to vaping. Tobacco speeds up the progression of my disease. If the government’s ban goes ahead, the chances of me going back to tobacco smoking are very high. I have a tobacco shop 5 meters away from home whilst the nearest vape shop is 10 KM away” says Vanessa, a Spanish vaper that suffers from multiple sclerosis.

“The closest vape shop for me is 180 KM away from my home – says José Manuel, why would the Ministry of Health want to deprive us from something that can possibly save our lives?”

Using the hashtag #ElVapeoSalvaVidas (Spanish for Vaping Saves Lives), vape advocates in Spain have initiated a campaign to raise awareness of this unfair situation. In addition, they have also created a petition at to get support. Julio Ruades (El Mono Vapeador), a vape reviewer and activist in Spain, explains that “thousands of people will no longer have access to vape supplies, forcing them to go back to tobacco smoking.”

Spain has one of the toughest TPD’s in Europe

Spain is one of the 4 countries in Europe that has not yet transposed the TPD regulations. The TPD came into force last May. As it is a directive, each European country can implement their own rules mirroring the TPD regulations. Article 20 of the TPD forced all EU member states to implement regulations on electronic cigarettes. Some of those regulations are mandatory such as limiting the nicotine strength to 20mg/ml and the e-liquid bottles to 10 ml or forcing manufacturers to protect tanks against leakages. However, its leaves room for interpretation for other EU member states to decide whether they want to implement some other policies such as banning long distance sales.

Alfonso Melero

Alfonso Melero

Content creator and marketer. Originally from Spain, I lived a few years in Scotland and China where I started to work for the vaping industry. Vaping is not only a profession for me but also a passion. I quit smoking thanks to vaping almost 3 years ago. I helped many smokers to switch to vaping since as I am convinced vaping is a much healhier alternative to tobbaco smoking.