Vaping E-cigs May Lead to Excessive Drinking?


Electronic cigarettes are a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco or a product to help those trying to quit smoking. VapingVaping & drinking has become widely popular because it can give a similar feeling and experience of smoking a real cigarette, making it easier to kick the tobacco habit! However, recently a new study published on Addictive Behaviors  indicates that vaping e-cigs for the smoking sensation may make people miss the benefits of kicking the smoking habit – for instance, smokers stopping the habit are more likely to cut down on drinking, while turning to e-cigarettes means this may not happen.

Based on previous studies, smoking has a strong link with drinking. Therefore researchers wondered if there is a similar connection between drinking and vaping e-cigarettes. Consequently researchers surveyed about 1,400 people and found this connection truly exists. According to the lead author of this study; Alexandra Hershberger, a psychologist of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, “If you quit smoking cold turkey, it affects other behaviors associated with smoking, such as drinking.

By replacing smoking with e-cigarettes, you could be at risk of other certain habits continuing. This is particularly serious for people with an alcohol addiction – using e-cigarettes could make it harder to stop drinking.” Hershberger explained.

Nowadays, vaping e-cigarettes seems to become a cool way of socializing, way more so than a tool for the smoking cessation. The study also found that there are more female vapers than males in social situations, which is exactly on the contrary to the situation in smoking groups. In general, compared to women, men are more likely to exert more risk-taking behaviors including smoking, drinking and taking drugs. However, according to the study, women may don’t think e-cig use is risky.

Regarding the results of this study, some people raised doubts about its fairness, for it seems to be  based on the group of people who already have a drinking problem before switching to e-cig use, so it is not fair to make a connection between vaping and drinking. Other vapers also argue that this connection has nothing to do with the real behavior traits produced from e-cigarettes, but more to do with the fact that people can vape indoors in places such as bars and pubs. In these places, you may be tempted to buy more booze, finally resulting in excessive drinking. What do you think? We love hearing from you guys!



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