Vaping Is Becoming a New Chic in TV Programme and Film


With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, vaping is not only a common in real life, but is now also taking place in the TV & film industry. It is really exciting to see our favorite celebrities taking puffs on the big screen! Seeing so many vaping scenes, it is clear vaping and e cigarettes have become a new ‘chic’ in TV and film. Here are several vaping moments in some well-known dramas and films.

1. Z Nation
In the recent episode 4 of season 2, there are several scenes with a guy who is in charge of a zombie weed greenhouse, holding an electronic cigarette and actually vaping from time to time. There are even some close shots of the e cigarette in his subordinate’s shirt pocket. What more can I say? Even in the zombie world, vaping is still surviving.
Vaping in Z Nation










2. House of Card

In episode 13 of season 2, the Vice President, Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is seen vaping to satisfy his nicotine cravings. He also encourages his wife Claire to embrace this “addiction without consequences” as he vapes away.

Kevin Spacey vape e-cigarette in House of Card








3. 2 Broke Girl

In episode 11 of season 4, a group of hipsters are vaping at a diner, which causes a discussion about smoking and vaping between Caroline and Max. Of course, we don’t encourage people to smoke electronic cigarette in public, but it is great to see such a topical discussion happening on screen as well as off it!

vaping scenes in 2 Broke Girl












4. True Detective

If you are a big fan of this TV show, you can see Rachel McAdams constantly vape in her car in season 2.

Rachel McAdams is vaping in the car in True Detective








5. Drive Hard

Drive Hard was released in 2014, starring John Cusack, who is a vaping nut in this movie. Throughout this film, we can see many scenes of him produces great vape clouds.

John Cusack smoke electronic cigarette in Drive Hard












6. The Tourist

I believe this movie is no stranger to most of you. In the scene where Johnny Depp first meets Angelina Jolie, Depp is using an electronic cigarette.

Johnny Depp vape e-cigarette in the filme of The Tourist












Apart from the above vaping scenes on screen, we also find more and more Hollywood celebrities starting to embrace and support the vaping fashion such as; Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and even Simon Cowell. It is amazing to see vaping being widely appreciated and lighting up the silver screen. What’s more, according to the related data, vaping scenes in TV shows and films have greatly boosted sales of e cigarette products, which bring a positive energy and a great future for the electronic cigarette industry!



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