Vaporesso Degree Pod System Preview | The PAL 2 Killer?

Vaporesso Degree Pod System
Vaporesso Degree Pod System

Vaporesso Degree Pod System Preview

Vaporesso is hitting back again with a new and sleek pod system. After releasing the PodStick, this vaping brand is now launching the Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit. This is a portable device with 2 type of pod coils (Meshed and CCEL Pod) to satisfy both DL and MTL vapers.

Vaporesso Degree Pod System
Vaporesso Degree Pod System

Unboxing the Vaporesso Degree

The Vaporesso Degree Pod kit comes in the typical packaging from Vaporesso with many extras, including the following:

  • The Vaporesso Degree Pod with a meshed pod coil (0.6ohm)
  • CCELL Pod (1.3ohm)
  • PTF e-juice filling bottle (10ml)
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Chain lanyard
  • Warranty Card
  • Warning Card
Vaporesso Degree Pod System
Vaporesso Degree Pod System

Vaporesso Degree Build Quality

The Vaporesso Degree has a classy box look with a sleek and elegant design. This device does not feel cheap at all. It looks really well done and the look is irresistible. Made in brushed stainless steel, the Degree has a front panel available in carbon fiber and resin. The drip tip is also matching the color of this front panel.

At the back of the device, we find the battery door with Vaporesso‘s logo on it. The magnet are strong enough to hold the battery door firmly, with no rattle. When pulling of this door, we access the pod which clicks on top of the battery and chip compartment.

Vaporesso set the OLED screen (0.69 inch), the fire button and the up and down buttons on one side. All the buttons are clicky and responsive, so no complains here!

Vaporesso Degree Pod System
Vaporesso Degree Pod System

Vaporesso placed the drip tip on top of the device next to the PTF juice filling. If you are not familiar with any other Vaporessso product adopting this technology, then let me tell you that it is a very convenient filling system. It does not let any liquid out and it’s clean and handy. The only con is that you must use the filling bottle Vaporesso including this kit for best performance.

The device is powered by a built-in 950 mAh battery and monitored by the AXON chip. This chipboard brings some interesting innovations that we will be introducing soon.

The Degree is able to reach a maximum output power of 30W, which more than enough for the pods you will be using: the meshed pod and the CCEL pod.

What’s new with the Axon Chip?

Vaporesso Degree is monitored by the AXON Chip with dry hit protection. The device will give your a low e-liquid warning when running out so you know it is time to refill. This is a very smart feature that will definitely save money coil wise!

Vaporesso Degree Pod System
Vaporesso Degree Pod System

The AXON also features pulse mode for a more stable vape with every single inhale. In addition, this smart chipboard is able to recognize the type of coil your are using (meshed and CCEL) adjusting the wattage accordingly.

The Vaporesso Degree Pod Coils

The Vaporesso Degree comes with two types of pod: the Meshed Pod (0.6ohm coil ranging from 16–22W) and the CCELL Pod (1.3ohm coil ranging from 7–12.5W). As I just mentioned, the Axon chip will recognize the coil but you can also regulate the wattage according to your needs.

The Degree features an adjustable top airflow. The PTF top system makes filling super simple, without taking the pod out of the tank. That’s a big plus.

The flavor with this pods is just on the spot. The meshed pod can easily take e-liquid with high VG concentration thanks to a good draining system.

Vaporesso Degree Pod System Video 

Final Thoughts

The Vaporesso Degree is a winner! For less than $50 (aprox. retail price), this device has much to offer: stunning look, beautiful flavor, a reliable chipset with some innovative features… The Degree really does feel like a high-end… But for an affordable price. The device is not just beautiful but also really well thought and designed.

If you can afford paying a little bit more ($10-15) for a reliable kit, then I would not hesitate in getting one Vaporesso Degree. You will not regret it. The Degree is a winner and possibly one of the best pod mods of the year.

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