French Electronic Cigarette Online Shop You Don’t Want to Miss

1895 French Electronic Cigarette Online Shop You Don’t Want to Miss

Vapoter is a key actor in the French vape industry. Website of reference since 2016, has imposed its vision of vaping and business on a market where it is something difficult to stand out.

Inspired by a marine universe, you will automatically recognized With a fresh and modern identity, the online shop is specialized in electronic cigarettes by passion.

It offers the biggest choice of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories in France. French Electronic Cigarette Online Shop You Don’t Want to Miss

Becoming in only few years a website of predilection for low prices, you can only be impressed by the incredible choice in terms of vaping materials and by its promotions that you can never miss. On the online shop, you can only find the perfect model fitting your vape style.

The Vaping Industry in France

The industry of e-cig keeps increasing and if there were only few vapers few years ago, there are currently near 1.2 million daily vapers and near 3 million regular vapers in France in 2018.

You will find on the vape market historical big brands like Smok or Eleaf, but also an increase every year of new manufacturers and wholesalers. We notice on the market a true will of helping smokers to quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarette. Indeed, one third of the French population are daily smokers and the e-cig is an efficient and durable solution in terms of harm reduction related to smoking allowing to reduce or completely stop traditional cigarettes. Vaping also offers advantages like low prices compared to a pack of traditional cigarettes.

We can see a higher global consciousness from smokers on the health subjects of e-cigarettes. Fundamentally less harmful than traditional tobacco, we can see a sustainable future for the vape industry.

It is on this context and same objective that was launched on 2016. Distributor of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories of the biggest brands, the online shop offers the largest choice of vaping products at best quality and price. Vapoter teams are vaping experts and put all their knowledges and competences to help its clients to insure the best buying experience online. is fully involved into its client’s satisfaction and keeps a very strict client service guideline. The Vapoter service level guarantee to the client the quality of the product they are buying at the best price. And because vaping is not something easy to begin with, Vapoter experts team give on their blog all advices needed to begin easily quitting smoking.

The Vapoter Expertise

In Vape shops, the client does not always find the right product and do not have time to get all advices to begin using an electronic cigarette correctly. This is where a webshop like become a great platform. You can take your time to find the good product adapted to your needs with always the information needed to begin with ease.

With this online shop, you do not need to go anywhere, you get the biggest choice of materials and e-liquids of France. It is a global answer to the current client’s new needs. What distinguish Vapoter is a continuous support and personalized advices with its blog.

Nowadays the most important on the vape industry is to offer tested and approved products at the best price, always be transparent with the clients and to develop strong relationships with their historical partners.

Being present on the market since 2012 has given to a true expertise in giving advices to the vapers on electronic cigarettes. They will guide you at every step of your quest of the perfect ecig with the right flavor and allow you time to answer all your questions about products and reduction of tobacco use. You will never feel left behind.

The Biggest Choice of Authentic E-cig Product

Since its beginning has for ambition to offer the biggest choice of authentic and quality products of France. To ensure this, works in collaboration with international trusted and well-known wholesalers like Heaven Gifts where you can find major brands like Smok or Eleaf, which we do not present anymore.

Thanks to wholesalers like Heaven Gifts, has a true visibility on its product selection. Clients are in demand of brands like Eleaf or Smok which offers the most advanced products. Also, these brands guarantee a strong quality control matching the quality guideline of 

Each week, the Vapoter team test more than 50 products in order to keep only the very best. For each product, either for beginners or experts, is committed to find the right ecig, eliquid or accessory for each vaper.

No need to worry, is the best answer to vapers for buying electronic cigarettes online at the very best price. French Electronic Cigarette Online Shop You Don’t Want to Miss

You will be able to discover more than 2600 different E-liquids flavors from the most delicious to the most surprising. Different nicotine rates exist to progressively decrease it.

At last, for even more cut backs on e-liquids, there is a strong demand nowadays for DIY product. DIY consists of buying each element of an e-liquid separately to create from scratch your own personal mix.

The vaping community is very active and join together to give their thoughts on the customer’s notification section of the website. Each comment is considered allowing Vapoter to adjust its selection of products and eliquids to the needs of its community.

The Best Prices Online

Having established strong trust-based partnerships and focusing only on durable and quality products, endeavor to offer the best prices of the e-cig market.

The price of an electronic cigarette can easily be an obstacle to purchasing. Therefore, through there volume order, have the possibility to negotiate the best prices.

Loyalty Program

One the best advantage you will find compared to other websites is there loyalty program, with you will never lose out.

For every order, you get 10% of the amount paid credited on your account for a next order.

Beside low prices, the loyalty is highly rewarded.

Each week, you will find new attractive and exciting promotions that can go up to 30% off or even bigger promotion like their 100% refunded days.

Customer Service is in constant contact with its clients, you can easily be in contact with them by email, phone or even chat. gives a support when you want to find a specific material, in case of any problem you would come across and is very reactive on after-sales which is a big challenge. A vaper which have any problem with his e-cigarette can at any time go back to his old tobacco habits.

This customer service strategy is completely integrated to the DNA.

Personalized Advices

To find advices on the use of an e-cigarette, Vapoter will be the best place to go through. The Vapoter Blog is indeed a main leader on electronic cigarettes advices and count today near 100 articles destined to all vapers. From the basic explications of an electronic cigarette to advices on the use of an RDA, follow its will to make e-cigarette accessible from prices to advices.

You cannot miss it.

We understand easily the success of in France. With its strong reputation, it is now a real key actor of the e-cig industry and a trusted seller for all vapers. Understanding its client’s needs and adapting its selection without ever putting aside the price or the quality of their products are the main definitions of



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