Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit Preview | Is Auto Squonking the Future?

Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit
Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit

Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit Preview

If you are a bottom feeder lover, but squonking is too much hassle for you then this post is for you! A new player on the vaping field, the vape company Vsticking, just released the VKsma Auto Squonk Kit. One of the very few vape devices in the market with auto squoking. Yes, you heard that right… The Vsticking VKsma pumps e-liquid into your atomizer, making refilling easier than ever before. Sounds promising, right? Let’s unbox the Vsticking VKsma then!

Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit
Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit

Unboxing the Vsticking VKsma

The VKsma comes in a simple packaging with honeycomb patterns in black. On top of the box you can see the name of the brand (Vsticking) and the logo (Fair Price Luxury Product). The box includes the following items:

  • Vsticking VKsma Kit
  • Auto Dripping Atomizer
  • Rebuildable Auto Dripping Atomizer
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card

The Vsticking VKsma is also available without the rebuildable RDA, in case you are not good enough at that.

VSticking VKsma Building Quality

The VKsma is a relatively small device (79 x 47.5 x 18.6mm) with a very nice finish. Made in zinc alloy, this device hosts a small 0.69″ OLED screen. This screen is monitored by the Yihi chipset which features temperate control, adjustable wattage and auto modes.

The power button, and the up and down buttons are located close to the screen and they are very responsive. The front part of the mod has a stripe with different patterns, and there are 2 basic colors to choose from (silver and black).

The Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit Colors
The Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit Colors

VSticking VKsma Building Quality Continued

The liquid feeder has 3 ml capacity, and it is located at the bottom of the Vsticking VKsma mod. The bottom feeder tank can be easily pulled out for refilling. The automatic pumping mechanism gets the e-liquid into the atomizer. It also pumps back the excess, so there are no leaking issues.

The Vsticking VKsma is powered by a 1400 mAh internal battery and it can be charged via a USB port. The USB port is located underneath the mod, which is not the best place but… is it a big deal for you?

VSticking VKsma Building 

The battery life of the Vsticking VKsma is enough for the type of resistance and wattage you will be using. The maximum output power is 35J which is equal to 35W. The full kit comes with two atomizers: the VKsma Auto Dripping Atomizer (ADA) and the VKsma Rebuildable Auto Dripping Atomizer (RADA). Both atomizers are tiny and have a propietary pin (so you won’t be able to use them in any other mod).

Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit
Vsticking VKsma Auto Squonk Kit


The ADA comes with a pre-build inside and it is only 14 mm in diameter. They are 2 types of coils: 0.3 Ni211 P1 (nickel wire) and 1.0 QSS316 (stainless steel wire). Both are for temperature control settings. Tip: Stay away from the nickel coil if you have any allergy to this metal.

The rebuildable RDA is slightly bigger with 15.5 mm in diameter. The RDA is made in stainless steel and PEI and it features a single coil deck. This RDA is designed for using spaced coils sub-ohm coils (2 pre-made coils are included in the goodie bag) that won’t go too low in ohms.

Review on the Vsticking VKasma by DJLsb Vapes

Final thoughts

Since I did not have the chance to try this device properly yet, I will just give you some initial thoughts. I love the idea of the auto squonking and I can see myself using this kit a lot. I think the future of squonking will go in this direction.

Price wise, the VSticking VKsma is not the cheapest kit you can find (retail price around $90). So I would recommend it to you only if you are an experienced vaper trying to find something new.


Since the RDAs included in the kit are not compatible with any other mod, you need to bear that in mind. You won’t be able to use any other RDA with squonk pin in this device either.  Despite these cons, I really think most vape enthusiast will enjoy this device as it is clean, comfortable and it delivers a free hassle vaping experience.

Now, feel free to leave question in the comments down below if you have any question!

Alfonso Melero

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