Vzone Preco One Kit Review | A Revolutionary Starter Kit with a Disposable Tank

Vzone Preco One Starter Kit Review

Vzone Preco One Kit Review

Thanks for dropping in on my latest article. It has been a busy few months but I am pleased to say I am back to share more thoughts on the latest vaping products on the market. Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the Vzone Preco One Starter Kit. The Vzone Preco One is a pocket sized pen style vape with a difference. Read on to find out more and catch my final thoughts at the end. This review will be about the mod itself and the included Preco tank.

Vzone Preco One Starter Kit

Vzone Preco One Kit Packing List

Coming packaged in a hard plastic box you will find the following :

Not much else is included. No spare coil, no bag of spares etc. There is a perfectly valid reason for this and that is because the Preco tank is actually a disposable tank! Yes, that’s right, vape it then bin it! More on this in a moment. First, we will take a look over the Vzone Preco One mod itself.

The Vzone Preco One Mod

Vzone Preco One Starter Kit Review
The Preco One Mod

The mod itself is a nice handy, pocket sized mod, presenting itself beautifully in its packaging. At launch, Vzone brought this out in 4 different colour styles. I received the stainless steel option for review. Measuring in at just 69mm x 24mm, this is a great size for discreet vaping or to have in the car as I have. Adding the Preco tank only adds another 40mm on top of this.

The Preco One mod does not aim to compete in terms of looks or functionality. It’s a simple fire and vape mod. Whilst no advanced features are included ( or even needed ) this is a kit that will appeal to new and old vapers alike.

On the body of the Preco One, you will find a USB mini charge port and a fire/power button. That is it! Up top is your 510 spring loaded connection to screw the Preco ( or any other 24mm tank ) tank into. Other than that there are 6 multicolored LED lights surrounding the connection!

Internally there is a 1800mah battery and various protections such as no load, overcharge protection, overfire, and low voltage. I am not going to sing praises about these as they should be a common standard these days.

Let’s have a look at the Preco tank itself.

Preco Disposable Sub-ohm Tank

Vzone Preco One Starter Kit Review
Preco Disposable Subtank

Yes, you read it right, a disposable sub-ohm tank. Normally disposable would mean cheap nasty and pretty much useless, not in this case though.

Measuring 40mm x 24mm, the Preco contains a 0.15ohm mesh coil and holds 3ml of liquid – 2ml if you are in the EU. The tank itself whilst disposable is refillable. Refillable until literally the coil itself burns out or becomes unusable. This could be a way forward for vapers, particularly those that cannot deal with the aggravation of changing coils. The replacement tanks are sold in packs of 3 which does also mean you can have 3 liquids on the go and swap and change as you wish.

Constructed of clear Polycarbonate, this looks just like any other tank, bottom airflow and what looks to be a screw on top cap ( except it’s not ). Don’t be like me and not look at the instructions and try to unscrew it. It doesn’t move. The filling is achieved by pulling up a small, fiddly rubber bung, filling via a juice hole and replacing the bung. Leave for a short while and you are good to go.

Using the Vzone Preco One Kit

I love the size of the Vzone Preco One. It’s both handy and convenient to use out and about. Using is a dream, apart from perhaps the LED lights! It is like a disco going on when you vape. Fortunately, you can change the settings with 3 clicks to go from random cycling color to one color only. With the Preco tank being completely clear the LED lights literally light up the entire tank. Bye bye, discreet vaping!

Vzone Preco One Starter Kit Review
Vzone Preco One Starter Kit


I found the 0.15ohm mesh coils offers a smooth and flavorsome experience. The temperature of the vape was a nice warm satisfying experience although chain vaping does heat the device up quickly. That said, with the tank being plastic, things cool down quickly too. I suffered no leakage from the Preco tank so build quality is better than you would expect for a disposable tank. I do like the idea of having disposable tanks but they come with their own pros and cons depending on how you look at them.

One of the positive things I can see with these is that for new vapers being able to just swap a tank over and not worry about getting the right coil is a big plus. No fiddling to get a coil in and therefore no frustration. Perhaps a negative is an additional waste that we will be throwing away. Rather than a small metal coil, we are throwing away both a coil and a tank. If disposable tanks are to become a thing perhaps companies may consider stockists being able to return used tanks in a recycling program of some sort.

Battery life was adequate for a normal day at work, though on a day off busy vaping battery life was lacking any great longevity. For me, this has become my car mod. Small enough to tuck away and use when out and about. Coupled with a car charger, this is perfect.


Overall, Vzone Preco One is a cracking piece of kit. The only real negative aside from the glowing lights is the method for refilling. The tiny rubber bung is just so small and almost locks tight when it is pushed in the top cap. Sure we get no leaking but its a pain in the ass to get out if like me you bite your nails. Second, also relating to filling is the juice hole seems far too small, I would have liked to have seen something a bit bigger. As always, thanks for reading. I welcome your comments or questions below.

Jay Barker

I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!