What Is an RDA and How Does It Work?


If rebuildable atomizers have caught your eye and you’re considering buying your first one, you may find it quite puzzling choosing the right one. RDA, RTA, RDTA…Oh my God there are so many! In today’s article we will focus on what are RDAs and how do they work? By the end, you will certainly have a better understanding and hopefully a decision regarding your RDA purchase!

QQ截图20170619152140What is an RDA?

RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer and people often name it a dripper for short. The wicks and coils of RDAs are, to a large degree, built by yourself so you can drip e-juice straight from your bottle onto the wick. RDAs do not have a built-in tank to hold extra juice, but sometimes there is a well inside the base of the RDA which can hold a little extra e-juice. A deep well in an RDA can hold no more than 30 drops of e-juice, so you should not drip too many drops into your RDA otherwise it will leak, however desperate you are!

Is a RDA useful or not?

As a RDA is an atomizer without a tank, you might be wondering whether it is useful or not. A RDA is a much better setup than you think and is hugely popular among a variety of vapers. After dripping e-juice directly onto the wick, yourself, you can get a perfect hit every time you vape. You also don’t need to worry about re-dripping too often which is great! A fully saturated wick can give you as many as twenty puffs. You can continue vaping until the taste becomes dry and less flavorful, then it’s time for you to drip in more e-juice.

A RDA can be run in single or dual coil mode.

If you take a close look at a RDA,you may notice that there are three sets of air holes on the top cap, but on the bottom section there are only two sets? Why? Is this an accident? Definitely not! It is designed so that you can use your atomizer more efficiently. If you want to use dual coils, you may want to have both sets of air holes open. If you only use one coil, just spin the top cap which closes off the air hole on one side without closing off the other – how clever!

Which RDAs would you recommend?

QQ截图20170619151701For your first rebuildable dripping atomizer, HG would highly recommend Wondervape RDA and GeekVape Tsunami RDA to practice, both of which can bring you a tasty, easy and all-round enjoyable vaping experience.



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