Wismec Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit Review

WISMEC Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit

Hello there everybody. I’m back here again today with another vapey review for you all. Today we are gonna be looking at a very unique mod, the Wismec Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit. Not only is this a rugged, waterproof mod, it’s also a Bluetooth speaker. You heard that correctly, a Bluetooth speaker.

Let start from the beginning and go over what we have here.

Wismec Active Packaging

The Wismec Active comes in a wide flat box with a sleeve around it. On the front is a picture of the Wismec Active in the color that’s inside and the back has a contents list and the specs of the device.

I like boxes with this much information on the back. Slide the sleeve off and you find a black textured box. Pop the top off and you’re presented with the Wismec Active mod with the Armor NS Plus tank attached to the mod.

WISMEC Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit

Beside the mod is an accessory box that contains a different coil for the tank, a micro USB cable, a bag of spare o-rings and clip to attach this setup to a backpack for example.

Also, if you remove the tray the mod sits in, you will find a warranty card, and two manuals to help you understand everything with the mod, speaker and the tank.

Armor NS Plus Tank

The included Armor NS Plus Tank is part of the Wismec Active kit. This is versatile, durable tank which matches the theme of the kit.

The top has a acrylic 510 drip tip that’s a smoked color. The top cap has a symbol that indicates where to push to slide the top over and reveal the fill port. The slide mechanism has a nice resistance and seems like it will stay in place well.

WISMEC Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit

The tank section is a bubble style tank that is made from the same material as the drip tip. The base is a normal style where you screw the coil into the center and it’s 25mm wide.

The bubble tank expands the tank to 27mm. The tank comes installed with a 1.3 ohm mtl coil rated for 8-14 watts and has a spare 0.20 ohm coil rated for 40-80 watts. The tank is able to accomplish both MTL and DTL vaping because of the slotted airflow. It’s separated into three different sized holes. It gives you multiple different ways to adjust the airflow for different coils.

Wismec Active Mod

The star of the show is the world’s first Bluetooth speaker that vapes or maybe the first vape mod that will play music through Bluetooth. It’s the chicken or the egg.

At the top is a spring loaded 510 on a platform that’s 22mm wide platform but with the rubber case surrounding the mod makes the mod 25mm. From the top down, there is a slope down one side the has a loop designed for the included hook or some clip on your backpack or something.

Further down that side is your Bluetooth buttons that allow you to turn pair mode on and off and adjust volume or change tracks. Going down the other side is a fire button at the top and a up and down rocker button near the bottom.

WISMEC Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit

Below that button is the USB port for charging and firmware updates and a tiny reset button. The center of this side houses a typical Eleaf or Joyetech screen and has the same menu system as the Pico 21700 which is simple but has wattage mode up to 80 watts, does TC for NI, TI and SS, TCR mode, bypass mode and memory functions.

The Wismec Active is powered by a 2100 mAh internal battery and has the outer edges covered in a rubber housing that covers all the buttons and plugs the USB port so make sure it’s waterproof.

WISMEC Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit

This rubber housing is removable for cleaning in case you get this mod muddy and dirty out on the trail or a few other rubber cases available like black, camo or a resin type color. The sides panels of the mod is flat on both sides and is speaker grill metal plates. Only one side has a speaker and I believe the other side takes in air for the speaker.

Wismec Active Performance

The firing of the mod is very similar to something like a Pico with a built-in battery. It’s not the fastest firing mod but isn’t super slow either. It gets the job done. Having all the extra vaping modes is a nice touch but I mostly just use wattage mode.

Sometimes I would have an issue with hitting the fire button and nothing happening. I don’t know if it was caused by the mod itself or just because it has this rubber casing you press before the buttons go in.

WISMEC Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit

The speaker worked great through all of my tests with it. Connecting through Bluetooth is extremely easy, pressing one button on the back enters pairing mode, and you can connect your phone. Sounds quality is very good and staying connected was no issues. I was able to get 25 feet away and still have a connection.

Wismec Active Bluetooth Music TC Kit Video Review


Lots of times when you try and combine two things into one, the final product suffers and you ends up with a lesser product. This isn’t really the case here.

The mod vapes well and is shockproof and waterproof. The speaker works as well as any mid range speaker. The only thing holding this back really is the battery. It’s a 2100 mAh battery which isn’t extremely big. You could use this as a speaker or use it as a vape but if your gonna do it as both at once, you might wanna have it plugged in.

Honestly, I think this works better living up to it’s name, Active. For a day to day vape, it might not be the right items but for hiking or mountain biking maybe rafting, it’s great. If your not in need of a speaker or a waterproof vape, a small dual 18650 mod would probably work out better.

Well, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. Wismec Active is a nice mod for a person who likes being Active a lot more than myself. A bigger battery to even being a single 21700 would have made it a little better but it’s still nice for the outdoors vaper. I’m be back soon with more reviews and articles!

Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus

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